Club Real has founded an Organisms Republic in Vienna and another one in Berlin. All living organisms ranging from bacteria to vertebrate, such as birds or humans, are granted equal political rights. „Beyond Nature“ turns an eco system into a democratic system with all inhabitants as active members of the political community. Decisions are taken by the Parliament of Organisms, where 15 human representatives fight for the issues and rights of their represented species. These decisions have real consequences on the ecosystem during the „Day of the Garden Executive“ and are questioned in the third part of the procedure: „Constitutional Court“ of the Organisms Republic. If living beings, politically invisible, unnoticed, unheard, are suddenly being heard, are being treated as individuals with political rights, what happens to our concept of „nature“? How can I represent someone I have trouble communicating with? How do representational politics work anyhow? Or don’t they anymore?

After one year of Organisms Republic in Vienna Volksherrschaft im Garten Wien and the invitation to the showcase of Impulse Theatre Festival we are now in the first legislative period in Berlin: Beyond Nature_Organisms Republic_Berlin